Own a c2

All our windsurfing boards and fins are sold and produced on demand.

The average lead time is five weeks.

The price starts at 1.800€ (board, straps, carbon fin, boardbag).

Bikes price starts at 2.800€.

Contact us for more information: subscribe and send us your request.

2 Replies to “Own a c2”

  1. Hi Mister C2😉
    sorry, my English is so bad.

    I have a question
    Last week i bought the c2 big freestyle Board Nr 74 in very good condition
    It is a good shape an i go for windsurf last week for two days in the cold Northsea🤙
    Very good footsteering and wonderfull to jibe😁
    Like a bigbigbig Waveboard

    But the weight without Footstraps is 9 kg!😳

    – Is the 9 kg the Original weight?
    – Is this big freestyle a hardcore build version?
    – do you mean, that is water in the board?

    I hope for an answer

    Best regards
    Andreas Katz


  2. Hello:

    We have built this board following our customers’ requirements. He wanted a bomb proof board with double sandwich everywhere on the top. And this, with such a volume, ends with no lightweight board.

    Good to see that after so many years it still keeps performing good in the water. Weight is not the only component to care about to have a good board.

    Enjoy the rides!

    Best regards,



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