Board 87: Formula 175

Length: 230cm Width: 100.5cm OFO Front: 93,90cm OFO Back: 90cm Finbox: Deep Tuttle box Technology: Full carbon   This board is extremely good upwind and downwind. Its double rails help to have a very confortable downwind position when overpowered.   Some pictures of the finished board:            

Board 89: Slalom 115

Length: 235cm Width: 72,5cm OFO Front: 54,3cm OFO Back: 51cm Finbox: Tuttle box Technology: Full carbon                              Some pictures of the test day in Barcelona, 9th of June 2012: 18-22 S/SW, Dynafoil 46cm fin, Aerolite 7.3 slalom sail, Kawaii 100% 490 RDM mast.    

Board 88: Speed/sl 95

Length: 233cm Width: 64cm Volume: ~ 97-103 l OFO Front:  41.5 cm OFO Back:  42.5 cm Finbox: Tuttle box Technology: Full biax carbon This is a very fast slalom board. Its very long flat rocker section makes it really fast.          Pictures of the testing day: Overpowered on 35kn, 5.7m2, 34cm g-10 finbox. Sant Martí d'Empúries, Girona (April 2012).