c2 gravel ‘Collserola’ with Lauf Grit fork (first impressions)

We have installed a new fork into our new gravel bike: Lauf Grit carbon fork.

We went out for a test ride today in Collserola (Barcelona), the home ground for this bike.

Apart from the enhanced new look of the bike, our first impressions with this fork are very positive. Climbing on the road, the fork does not feel bumpy at all. We wood say that you even don’t notice that you have a suspension fork in your bike. So energy loss when climbing must be insignificant. But, once you get into the paths, the fork starts to absorve all the holes, small rocks and imperfections of the ground. It’s an absolute new dimension in gravel biking.

When starting your gravel downhills, the fork delivers a multiplier effect on the ability to control your bike and therefore you can ride down faster with much more control and much less fatigue in your arms. No need to say that also on the road this is a plus.

I’m writing these lines from our preferred cofee and ice-cream spot in the area. Do not miss the place if you are in Vallvidrera! ‘Uaala! Gelateria‘, just in front of the train station.

Next steps will be to continue testing the ‘Grit’, because we’re already thinking of a new bike model: a 1×11 mix of road and gravel bike. It’ll be the ‘Cadiretes II’ model. And why not adding there a Lauf Grit Fork.

c2 Collserola with Grit

  • 1×11 drivechain system.
  • Rotor 3d+ cx1 crank.
  • Oval 42T chainring.
  • 11-42 cassette.
  • Shimano Ultegra RX derrailleur.
  • Hydraulic Shimano brakes and shifters.
  • Kasper on demand aluminium wheels.
  • c2 carbon frame.
  • Lauf Grit fork.
  • Hutchinson Overdrive 35mm tyres.
  • c2 carbon components: stem, handlebar, seatpost and seat.

Every cyclist was starring at the bike!!!!! For sure, the new fork gives the bike a more attractive look.

So, congratulations for the Lauf team! Great job with this fork!