c2 sailboards is a very small windsurfing project that started in 2006.

For 5-6 years we have proudly put high quality custom windsurfing boards into the market at a relatively low price. 90 boards have been produced.

In 2012 c2 sailboards stopped producing boards for the public but continued to develop protos until end 2014.

Since then we have been out of the business, but now we’re coming back with a slightly different approach. Instead of offering fully customized boards, only three different shaped will be available (freewave 95/105, freeride 115/125 and slalom 115/125).

These three shapes will continue to match our most differentiating characteristics:

  • Full carbon boards.
  • Ultra-fast shapes.
  • High responsive boards.
  • Best equipment.
  • Competitive price.

c2 sailboards team