2012 Projects

My last post was very clear, c2 sailboards will no longer produce boards to be sold in the market. And this is still valid today, things will remain as they were announced.

Does this mean that we stop thinking of new boards, new shapes, new changes in tecnology, equipment, etc…?  Absolutely not.

What we have in mind for next season is to collect particular orders from different sailors with the objective to make a big order to our shaper Jacek Wozniak. The particular needs of everyone in terms of shape, branding, external design, etc. would be stricktly respected.

We would benefit from the reasonable price of a common order to Jacek Wozniak in Poland, who would be the final seller. Boards would be directly delivered from Jaceks factory to every final costumer, except for the case of the boards of Barcelona sailors, which would be delivered all together to reduce transport costs.

Please, add your comments in order to see if there is an interest in this project.