Boards 75 and 76

Two new boards are ready to paint in our lab: wave thruster 95 and formula 100.

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It is specially important for us to have achieved the 75th produced board. This board had to be in some way different to any other board and this is why we choosed it to be a wave thruster. There seems not to be a real consensus between the different fin configuration options appeared in the past years: twinser, quad, thruster… We are not going to argue for or against any of the configurations, because we think that any of them might work well in specific conditions. Since we are going to use this board mostly in the Mediterranean, we have decided to produce a board that easily be “convertible”. We expect to be using it in single and thruster configuration.

Board number 76 is also special, because it’s hard to see custom formula boards. Most people tend to think that the real advantage of formula custom boards is a significant reduction on weight of the board. This might be possible and of course it would end in a extraordinary gain of performance, but this is not our goal. Nowadays series boards already have a very good weight, which means that it is extremely simple to break them. Every formula sailor knows that he has to have special care of his board outside the water and that he has to be very carefully when sailing too. Any small catapult end in a broken nose. We think that the average sailor will appreciate a strong board, even if it is a bit more heavy than a series board. The “theoretical” loss of performance can be reduced many ways: good fin, better fine tunning, better training… The cost of such a board is not fixed yet, but it’ll be much smaller than any series board (for sure) and it’ll last much more than any series board.

We expect to test these 2 boards with what we think it is the best gear available: Aerolite Sails and Maverx Masts.

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