New for this winter: SKIS!!!

Dear friends,

We’re getting closer to the Winter and the windsurfing season is finished. We’re not closed for vacation, but our windsurfing activity will be quite more relaxed than during the regular season.

Last year we had the idea to start producing custom skis, but we could not move forward with this project. The idea was again to offer a top quality product, using the best available materials. “Hand made” technology was also a MUST. After making a search for different possible suppliers, we have decided to stop the project in 2008/2009 and restart it in 2009/2010.

It seems that we have already found a partner that could provide us with the best available skis in the market (™Rip’nWud):

Since we’re new to this market and we cannot ensure a certain level of sales, for now we will “resell” the skis with its original branding (™Rip’nWud). It might be the case that in the next season, we start selling these skis, with any sort of co branding, but it’s still too early to decide this.

For the moment, visit the ™Rip’nWud site, to know more about the skis.

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