2 years after our board nr. 1: concept boards, kiteboards and surfing boards

We started our activity in June 2007 (see our board nr 1).

Protos 25

We’ve been working very hard to make better boards day after day. There is a significant difference between our board number 1 and the last produced boards.

000_0757000_0761000_0759000_0760c2 Freemove 110_topc2 Freemove 110_bottomc2 Slalom 130_topc2 Slalom 130_back

Even though we are a very young and small brand, we try to spend some ouf our ressources to R&D. Concept boards are those boards that are hardly to be find in other brands’ catalogues. Since we have no experience in these shapes, the results might be uncertain. Behind every concept board, there is a good idea to be developed. After testing these boards, the “concept” is going to be “validated” or we just get rid of it, because it does not work as we thought it would.

We have recently received our first concept board, our twinfin freeride 140. We did not have the time to take pictures or to test it. As soon as we have our first results, we’re going to publish them (More info). We are going to start 2 new concept boards in the following days:

During these 2 years we have tried to develop a carbon fins line, which did not perform as expected and we decided not to go deeper into this idea.

Protos 195Protos 303Protos 300

We also tried to develop a complete line of kiteboards and in the end we stopped the idea to relaunch it later.

Protos 602

Now it is time to announce that we are preparing a full line of custom kiteboards and most probably we’re going to produce our first c2 surfing board (noserider).

These 2 years have been full of successes and disappointments, but in the end, being a very, very small brand with a very small budget:

  • We’re putting the best value option for high quality windsurfing board in the market
  • We start making some R&D with our ‘concept shapes’
  • We are developing a full custom kiteboard line
  • We start our surfboard production
  • Next month we’re going to finish our board nr. 72

These 2 years have been running very fast, but we’ve been doing a lot of positive work. Thanks to all those who have trusted c2.

3 Replies to “2 years after our board nr. 1: concept boards, kiteboards and surfing boards”

  1. Hi Camilo, the starts are allways hard. Continue in the same line, results will come!!
    Rgs, Sergio from Masnou


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