Why twinser freeride?

Why have we decided to do a twinser freerider? What do we want to achieve with such a board?

1. Many people has only one big board, because his home spot is not very windy. They need a big board in order to be in the water as often as possible. These people need to be comfortable in medium conditions F3 Bft and in stronger conditions (F5 Bft), because they use the same board for all conditions. In this case, we think that having a twinser can help to reduce the lift of the board when overpowered, without having the risk to dramatically reduce performance in lower wind conditions.

2. Big freeriders are not very “gybe-friendly”, in the sense that you need to make long gybes, in order not to fail them. We think that we can increase overal gybe speed and reduce the gybe-radius, resulting in gybes that would be more similar to those that we make when we ride a smaller board.

3. Having 2 fins dramatically reduce the pressure that you need to put on your back foot. For those which are not familiared with big slalom-boards or even formula-boards, having to put this pressure in the back foot is not a plus at all. We think that the twinser set will substantially eliminate this need for pressure in the back, making the ride much smoother.

These are our three main goals. And we expect this to be fullfilled without observing an unefficient decrease in speed or planning ability. 

Finding a good finset is also part of the challenge. We have bought several fins with several lengths in order to start testing, as soon as we have the board ready. We did not want to invest a lot of money in those fins, since we do not know what will be the final result. After the different trials, we expect to have a better understanding of what is more convenient and we will order some “good fins” (Dynafoil) for the next proto.

As soon as we test the board, we will make a summary of our conclusions.

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