What you need to know about c2 sailboards

  1. c2 sailboards produces handmade custom windsurfing boards.
  2. All our boards are shaped from zero and are laminated using vaccum technology. No molds are used in the production process.
  3. All our boards are entirely produced with carbon, carbon/vectran and carbon/kevlar as laminating fabrics.
  4. Our shaper is in Eastern Europe. He has an experience of more than 20 years shaping windsurfing boards.
  5. c2 is managed by only one person: marketing, sales, logistics, accounting…
  6. Our margins are low because our fixed costs and investment are zero. We only spend time for the project if there are no sales, but we do not have running costs.
  7. The price of our new boards is 1.295€. This includes full 3k carbon board + straps + fin + boardbag + delivery (UE).
  8. The price of our used boards is fixed to try to recover the cost of production, this is why our used boards are so cheap. In exchange for this low price, we do not provide any guarantee for these boards. You should assume that you’re acquiring a used board with no guarantee.
  9. All our boards are produced on demand. Once an order is placed, we start producing the board. We do not have stock of new boards.
  10. The delay for producing the board is 4 to 5 weeks.
  11. All our boards have a very custom look. They are finished very differently as any series board. We want our boards to have this custom look. You should be aware that if you look for a board that is finished like a series board, you are not a c2 potential costumer.
  12. No design personalization is offered. Because we want our boards to have a particular look, you can only choose the colour of the filler used on top of the board (there is no lack in the top) and the colour of the lack used in the bottom (boards can be painted in the bottom and/or in the rails.
  13. We provide 12 months guarantee in all our boards.
  • This covers production deffects.
  • It does not cover delivery costs from your location to our location.
  • Broken boards after jumps are not covered by our guarantee.

May you have any other particular question, please do not hesitat to contact us: c2@c2sailboards.com.

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