Board 59: Performance Freeride 115 3ksse (standard line)

This one of our first standard line boards.


This board is available and its price is 850€ (including MFC fin, DaKine straps and boardbag!!!!).


The weight of the board is 6.8kg, which is a super-weight, given that it is one of our 3k super strong edition boards. If you compare with other similar boards in the market (see similar boards and its specs below), you’ll notice that it is a very good opportunity for those looking for a 115l board.


This is a freeride board, but strongly performance oriented. This means that this is a superfast board. The bottom is flat, with no vee to facilitate early planning ability and top end speed.


The rockerline is a relatively flat rockerline, fast, very fast.


You will hardly fins a more aggressive freeride board in the market. The cut-outs are more common on slalom boards than in freeride boards. This is not a beginner board, it is a high performance board for all those that use to like blasting in freeride spots.

The technology is 3k sse (as in all our standard line boards). A full carbon board will always deliver more performance than any other board using glass fabrics for the sandwich structure. See the extra reinforcement of all our 2009 boards:


And of course, the highest quality components and materials.

straps protos-9231

These are other similar boards in the market:


If you analize the grid that we show in this image, all comparable boards of other brands are almost twice as expensive as our boards and they do not include any boardbag.


We are very fond of the quality, reliability and performance of our boards, and we think that c2 boards are comparable to any of the boards in the market. BUT if someone still thinks that our boards are not perfect, then he should ask himself if the gap between c2 boards and other boards in the market is so much money worth.

We simply think that our boards are great and in many cases better than other boards in the market. In addition to this, you can spare much money buying a c2!!!!!

This is what makes c2 so special: quality + performance + good price.

See the 140l version of this board: go.

  • ENGLISH: If you need further information about this board, do not hesitate to contact us,
  • FRANÇAIS: Si vous voulez plus des reinsegnements sur la planche, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter,
  • DEUTSCH: Wenn Sie Fragen über das Board haben, bitte schicken Sie uns eine Nachricht,
  • ESPAÑOL: Si tenéis alguna pregunta sobre la tabla, no dudéis en contactar con nosotros,

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