Frequently asked questions about c2 sailboards

1. What is c2 sailboards?

C2 is a commercial brand for handmade custom windsurfing boards, produced with high end materials.

C2 is very small. There is only one person behind c2 and this person is in charge of sales, orders, deliveries, development, marketing… Boards are produced by order in the EU and are 100% custom.

2. Why are c2 boards cheaper than other boards?

C2 has very low fix costs: there’s only one person working for the brand, there is no investment in molds and no investment in marketing or stocks.

C2 does not use distributors, boards are sold directly to the final costumer.

The final price of the boards is based on:

Production cost of the board

+ Delivery costs to Barcelona

+ Cost of equipment (fin, straps, boardbag)

+ Benefit margin

+ VAT (16%)

Final price

3. Cheaper boards means lower quality boards?

All c2 boards are full carbon. Only carbon or carbon/kevlar or carbon/vectran is used for producing our boards.

We only use  HIGH MODULUS carbon.

Our shaper has more than 20 years experience in windsurfing boards shape. All boards are handmade and produced from zero for our costumers.

We always try to get the best equipment for our boards.

We use Gore-Tex valves in all our boards.

4. What is the guarantee policy of c2?

All new boards have 1 year guarantee.

Does it means that if I break my board in a jump reception I will receive a new board. The answer is no. Every windsurf board can breake in a flat reception or a bad reception of a jump. We cannot sell boards at a lower price and in addition to this give a higher guarantee.

The guarantee covers construction deffects.

Second hand boards do not have guarantee. The guarantee only covers the first owner of the board.

5. What is the performance of these boards?

All our clients are very happy with their boards. This proves that our boards are good boards.

6. How do I pay c2 boards?

Cash, bank transfer or by credit card (using paypal)

7. When do I pay the board?

Boards are paid 50% when the order is placed. The rest is paid before delivery.

8. How much time does c2 need to produce my boards?

From 5 to 7 weeks. It depends if you order it in the middle of the season.

9. How do our boards look like?

You will easily recognize a c2 board. It looks really custom. They do not have the perfect finishing of a series board.

You must be aware of this. If you do not like a custom looking board or if you want a “perfect” finished board, you might not order a c2.

Our boards have a superior performance, they are cheaper than any other new board in the market, but they look custom. It’s not that we cannot make them look like series boards, but the fact is that we want to make them look very custom.

There is a minimal option to personalization in external design: colours or logo position or size can be chosen.

10. Why getting a custom board?

Ask those who have already test one.

11. Custom boards are not so easily sold in the second hand market

You should buy a board to use it, not to sell it.

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